Tweezers Straight Curved for Individual Eyelash Extensions | Eyelash Tweezers Professional Stainless Steel

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Profession Precision Tweezers Straight Curved For Individual Eyelash Extensions
GREAT VALUE- EJRange's 2 pcs tweezers set contains 2 different types of tweezers of high quality - Straight and curved eyelash tweezers and they all come in a handy luxurious black leather travel size case.
They are sharp and precise and great for applying false individual eyelashes, nail art and shaping eyebrows.
PREMIUM QUALITY- EJRange tweezers use 100% Stainless Steel ensuring that the tweezers are sturdy and durable. They have a strong grip for precision applying or extracting of hairs and eyelashes easily.
PRECISION- Choose from the two different shaped tweezers for precision applying and extraction, the straight and curved tweezer is ideal for effectively applying false eyelashes, picking, clipping nail art rhinestones or decoration and shaping eyebrows.
GENTLE ON THE SKIN - Professionally aligned with a precise grip that provides maximum comfort and stress free extraction and application.
IDEAL - EJRange individual eyelash tweezers set is perfect for home, personal use as well as professional nail salons and art schools and colleges.



  • *EXCELLENT VALUE - Contains 2 different types of individual eyelash tweezers: Straight and Curved Eyelash Tweezer Set.
  • *HANDY CASE - Comes in a handy luxurious black leather travel size handy case.
  • *QUALITY - 100% Stainless Steel and expertly hand crafted individual eyelash extension tweeezers.
  • *PRECISION - Professionally aligned with a sturdy grip for easy application and extraction of individual eyelashes.