sourcingmap® 96 Pairs Skin Color Invisible Lace Wide Double Eyelid Stickers Bigger Eye Tape Cosmetic Makeup Tool


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Lace eyelid stickers made to give you the look of bigger eyes.

Skin color makes thin eyelids clearly visible.

Also good for those who want to enhance their eyes.

Easy to apply make-up after eye charm on.

Excellent air penetrability and makeup applicability.


We do not offer glue, you can buy one in your local store. It is ordinary item. Sorry for any inconvenience.


1. Cleanse the eyelid circumference.

2. Image the double eyelid line before application.

3. Place double eyelid stickers with glue (not included) and then on your eyelid and press it firmly.

4. Due to individual different eye shape, use the applicator stick(not included) to adjust  the stickers accordingly.

5. Good performance. It has invisible, natural to make your eyes bigger and more vivid.

Package Includes:

96 Pairs x Double Eyelid Stickers



  • Size: L; Color: Skin Color
  • Product Name: Lace Double Eyelid Stickers; Net Weight: 5g
  • Material: Lace; Package Content: 96 Pairs x Lace Double Eyelid Stickers
  • Shell Color: Skin Color
  • Dimension: 3 x 0.6cm/ 1.2" x 0.2"(L*W)