Emwel Magnetic False Eyelashes Reusable Fake Eyelashes Natural Look, Eye lashes Extension Ultra Thin Fiber No Glue Allergy,Cruelty Free,1 Pair 4 Pieces Handmade (Half Long Ultra Thin)

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Emwel The Ultimate Versatile Magnetic Eyelashes are Your Best Friend In Daily Life!

amazing 3D looking big eyes for long time showing
lightweight and maximum comfort feeling not exist wearing it
good care for your eyes, non irritation
reuseable to save a lot of money
ultra thin, dual magnet allows strong and lasting attachment

Product materials: Premium Synthetic Fibre
Production process :Handmade
Size: Half Long (means the width is half of eyelid,usually cover outer corner of eyes,lots of video on youtube is the half long size)

1.Make your eyelash curling up before use it. You can also apply some mascara,then it will be easy to wear.
2.If the false eyelashes is too long for you,cut it with a scissor.
3.This brand new false eyelashes are innovative, each of which apply two magnetic strips that replace the adhesive to guarantee the strong magnetic force. The box contains 4 PCS lashes, EACH EYE NEEDS 2 PCS. So 2PCS of eyelashes could fuse and hold together.
4.Hold top lash over your eye
5.Position the lash on the top with your natural eyelash and leave it there
6.Grab the bottom lash and take it closer and right underneath of first lash
7.Do not blink and place the second lash under your natural eyelash?let them contact with top lash magnet

How to remove
1.Gently slide the 2 magnetic eyelashes apart from each different with your index finger and thumb.
2.Try avoid pulling the eyelashes straight off, as this may alter the shape of the eyelashes.

Package include:
1 Pair of Magnetic Eyelashes(4 pieces)



  • To Ensure Optimal Quality, Emwel Eyelashes Are Hand-crafted with The Highest-quality Synthetic Fibers.Ultra-lightweight and naturally big eyes, You may even forget you're wearing false eye lashes.
  • The magnetic false eyelashes cover half of your eyelashes and give you a glamorous look instantly.Perfection match of 1-1.5cm and 0.2mm for the naturally big eyes.
  • Strong magnetic force make the eyelashes cling to your eyelashes all day until removed.
  • Magnetic False Eyelashes can be reused with proper care, saving your money from buying false lashes.
  • With the Newest Magnet Design, You Don't Need To Use Troublesome Eyelash Glue Anymore. Glue free, easy to wear. No irritation to eyes or damage to natural eye lashes.